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Reinforcing our Commitment

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Our organization relies on the generosity and support of our community businesses and individuals.

Donations can come in many shapes and sizes.


Donations of Time:  Family Crisis Network needs volunteers to help organize our clothing and household goods storage for those in need of these items. We also have a food pantry that needs sorting and restocking periodically. We also could use some help at our community events and fundraisers....there are only 10 of us.....we need your help to get it all done!

If you have another talent you think may be helpful, please let us know about it!

Due to the nature of our business, all volunteers will have to go through a background check.

Click on the volunteer application button to get started!

Donations of Items:  Donations of items are limited as we don't have as much storage space as we used to. If you have furnishings, household items, or clothing to donate, please call us first to make certain we have the room. Food is always welcome as we have a separate food pantry. Many of these items provide needs for our clients and our shelters. We also have an annual yard sale during "May Days" to help our monetary fundraising efforts.

Monetary Donations:  Are welcome to help offset costs for clients that may not meet grant requirements, but still are in need of services. These also provide for support when grant funding runs short or capital projects need to happen. Monetary donations can be made in person, through the mail, or through our fundraising support page at : A new platform will be available soon ~ Thank you for your patience!

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