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Community Needs Pantry

Kathy's Cupboard

This outdoor pantry cupboard is built in honor of our long time volunteer Kathy S. She cared about all members of this community and was always willing to help anyone who needed it. We are grateful for all she gave to us, both personally and professionally. We hope that those who need anything from here will take freely and be grateful, with a silent prayer to Kathy.

Our pantry is located on our back porch area and is restocked frequently with items such as:

  • Ready to eat food supplies and utensils

  • Seasonal clothing and supplies

  • Personal care needs, tp, toothpaste & brushes, etc

  • Some household supplies and books

  • Other resources and information

​If you would like to donate to the cupboard, please call the office at 509-447-2274, option 2 for housing.

Outdoor Supply Pantry
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