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Making a Difference

Girl Power is one-day event, this year, focusing on teen growth and empowerment.


Update 2024: The Girl Power event this year will be a one-day event on May 10th, 2024 at the Bear Paw Camp!  The theme this year is "Road Trip: Choose What Happens Next".

Our keynote speaker is Cara Filler for the event. Contact information below and when we have a flyer or registration information, we will update it here.

7th and 8th grade girls from across Pend Oreille County have the opportunity to come together each spring for the annual Girl Power conference.  The goals of this conference are to bring girls together to experience the solidarity of Girl Power, educate girls about healthier choices for enhancing nutrition, fitness and relationships and to inspire girls to be strong, smart and bold.

Girls are able to attend a variety of workshops covering topics on body image, self-defense, leadership, yoga, self-esteem, drug prevention, bullying, friendship, health relationships, internet safety, meditation and everything in between. The girls return to school feeling empowered and confident.

Please contact Sarah Theal at 509-447-2426. 


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