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We are unfortunately not able to have the Child Abuse Awareness Program this year - please look for this event in April of next year!

Choose kindness is a walk aimed to demonstrate kindness over hate by promoting healthy, happy, and safe families. Show your support  and walk (or run) for kindness! 

This event is different and takes places towards the end of the school year - say early June!  Check  back for more information or follow us on FaceBook

Choose Kindness Walk:
Leave Footprints of Kindness Wherever You Go!

MAY 15 - 17, 2024

This walk is geared towards the school students, but anyone can join in, make the walk, and leave their own personal words of encouragement and support to help share the kindness! The walk is the one mile "Grizzly Walk" beginning at the corner of 1st and Calispel Ave, near the City Park stage. Only sidewalk chalk may be used and there will be some along the way during the walk.  Enjoy, be creative and have fun!

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